Oral presentations: Oral presentations will be given in multiple sessions. In order to maximize the number of presentations each participant could visit, we plan max. 5 sessions taking place in parallel. Each speaker will have a total of 20 min to present his/her work. There will be about 100-120 oral presentations in total.

Poster presentations: About 60% of all contributions will be posters, to be presented within the poster sessions (up to 1.5 hours each). We aim to organize an evaluation of the best three posters and the announcement of them will be given at the closing ceremony. The selection will be made by the International Scientific Committee.

Plenary lectures: The plenary lectures would be the first lectures of the day. During each day of the symposium, two plenary lectures would be given, thus a total of 6 plenary lectures are planned, covering most of the symposium’s themes. Authors giving plenary lectures would have a total of 40 min for each presentation and discussion. About half of plenary speakers will be from academia and half from industrial organizations, knowledge and research institutions. Confirmed speakers and presentations include (to be updated):

Prof. Zoltan Nagy (Purdue University, USA)
Quality-by-control approaches for process intensification in advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing
The presentation will provide an advanced overview of process systems engineering and advanced control approaches that can be applied for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Prof. Megan Jobson (The University of Manchester, UK)
Effective use of CAPE tools for design, optimisation and retrofit of integrated separation processes
The presentation will provide an overview of using CAPE tools effectively in process design and optimisation, as well as the retrofit of integrated separation processes (including those based on process intensification).

Keynote lectures: Keynote papers would be the starting presentations of the parallel sessions. The keynote speakers will have a total of 30 min to present their work. Again, the aim is to have half of the speakers from academia and half from industrial, knowledge and research organizations. There would be up to 20 keynote presentations. Confirmed speakers and presentations include (to be updated):

Dr. Adrie Huesman (Shell, The Netherlands)
Process System Engineering and control aspects of solar fuel plants

Dr. Norbert Asprion (BASF SE, Germany)
From single process simulation and optimization to decision making based on a multitude of solutions

Dr. Pieter Schmal (Process Systems Enterprise, USA)
Mathematical process modelling past, present and future – a personal perspective

Dr. Jan Schuurmans (DotX Control Solutions B.V., The Netherlands)
Review of cascade and override control methods for process control

Dr. Carlos Rugerio (Corbion, The Netherlands)
Integration of process design with sustainability assessment

Prof. Egbert-Jan Sol (TNO Industry | Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Digital Twinning – a transformation in our industry: Its acceleration and the consequences

Dr. Levente Simon (Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Switzerland)
Systematic steady-state and end-point detection using econometrics

Prof. Sandro Macchietto (Imperial College London, UK)
Engineering success: What does it take to get PSE technologies used?