Theme 1: Process-product synthesis, design and integration
Structured products, Process Integration, Single- and multi-objective synthesis and design of processes, Modular plants, Integration of intensified process units, Product-process design: property-prediction- based synthesis and design, Synthesis of different supply-chains.
Theme coordinator: Mariano Martin (University of Salamanca, Spain)

Theme 2: Methods, models and computational tools for PSE
Generation and development of concepts for CAPE/PSE, Advances in multi-scale modelling, modelling in different CAPE/PSE applications, Numerical methods and tools, Numerical analysis, Process simulation, Large-scale and multi-level optimization, Process plant data analysis, Agent based modelling.
Theme coordinator: Alexander Mitsos (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Theme 3: Process control and operations
Scheduling, operability, flexibility and optimization under uncertainty, Supply-chains optimization and logistics, Cyber-physical structures, Interaction & information infrastructure, Off- and on-line control, Smart sensors, Analysis of dynamic plant data, Plant-wide control, Operational excellence, Real-time optimization, Operator training.
Theme coordinator: Paul van den Hof (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)

Theme 4: CAPE/PSE in sustainable development and food industry
Food & water issues, Biorefineries, Solar refineries, Life cycle analysis, Industrial infrastructures, Infrastructures for sustainable production, Sustainability indicators and footprints, Risk assessment, Safety, Waste reduction & management, Waste-water treatment, Conversions of fossil-free energy & materials.
Theme coordinators: Albert van der Padt (Wageningen University | FrieslandCampina, The Netherlands) & Antonis Kokossis (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Theme 5: CAPE/PSE in energy transition
Heat and power integration, Waste-to-energy applications, Renewable resources in total-site integration, Novel approaches to address the complex system integration challenges, Electrification of chemical industry, Integration of energy sources & sinks, Reliable dynamic supply & demand.
Theme coordinator: Stratos Pistikopoulos (Texas A&M Energy Institute, US)

Theme 6: CAPE/PSE in hi-tech micro/nano-devices and processes
Frontiers at the tiny scales: micro-, nano scale products & systems, Micro- and nano-scale engineering, Solid state, Semi-conductors, Advanced materials, Self-assembly, Energy storage.
Theme coordinator: Ruud van Ommen (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)

Theme 7: Education in CAPE/PSE & knowledge transfer
Best practices in academia, Continued training in a changing professional practice, Effective selling of high quality PSE solutions to industry, Knowledge transfer hurdles, Effective exploitation of CAPE/PSE tools.
Theme coordinator: Antonio Espuña (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)